NYU Carbon to Value (C2V) Cohort Company CarbonFree Partners with NYU Carbontech Leadership Council Member

In the third quarter of 2021, an NYU C2V year one cohort company CarbonFree, entered into a partnership with an NYU Carbontech Leadership Council member, Fluor to accelerate the deployment of CarbonFree’s CO2 mineralization solution, showing the importance of NYU’s program in fostering such valuable collaborations that can help move the industry forward.

According to the company, CarbonFree has developed what it calls its SkyCycle technology over a period of 15 years that captures carbon emitted by industrial plants and mineralizes them, thereby creating low carbon materials such as high purity precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) and synthetic limestone that it says are safe and valuable. By capturing the carbon emissions, it is also capable of improving the environment.

As an engineering construction company, Fluor’s role will be to assist in the manufacture of CarbonFree’s technology, so that it can be installed in industrial plants. The two companies are aiming for the SkyCycle technology to be used on a global scale.

The NYU C2V program is currently under the leadership of Frederic Clerc, who serves as its Director.

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